Sr. No Category Work Details Probable date of completion Area/Beneficiaries
76 Maintenance Construction of Shed at Gayathri nagar Sump(Watch man Shed) 10/11/2015 5500
77 Maintenance Providing of RCC roof slab to the existing Municipal Corporation Building at MR Palli divisional office premises in Ward no:19 25/12/2015 18500
78 Maintenance Repairs to Existing DR B.R Ambedkar Statue at RTC Bus Stand Circle. 15/11/2015 Tirupati city population
79 Electrical Supply Delivery and laying of UG cable in Municipal CentinaryPark 15/12/2015 Tirupati city population
80 De-Silting Removal of wetsilt and sullage from drain from nandini fast food to bhavani nagar Circle. 29/10/2015 100
81 Compound Wall Construction of Compound wall to 200 KL G.LS.R. at New Balaji COLONY,60kl glsr AT Parvathi Nagar and 200 KL GLSR at Kranthi nagar in Rajiv Nagar. 10/11/2015 Tirupati city population
82 Compound Wall Raising of Compound Wall over drain and providing GI Chain link mesh at LB Nagar tank. 30/11/2015 50
83 Compound Wall Construction of Compound wall to park in M.R.Palli at S.NO.287-Under General funds 15/01/2016 Tirupati city population
84 Compound Wall Construction of compound wall to Municipal reserved sites at TTD plots Vaikunta puram 31/10/2015 950
85 Compound Wall Construction of Compound wall to the Burial ground back side to M.R.Palli Police Station near ESI hospital in Ward No.19 29/12/2015 800
86 Compound Wall Construction of West side Compound Wall to the Bairagipatteda Park. 31/10/2015 4000
87 Compound Wall Construction of East Side Compound Wall to the Bairagipatteda Park.(Reserved for SC/ST & Waddera) 31/10/2015 4000
88 C C Road Restoration of CC Road jeevakona road at SN Puram junction, Jeevakona Bus stand to Raghavendra Nagar, Madhava Nagar, Khadi Colony to Shivasakthi kalyanamadapam to Anna rao circle road, Municipal Park to jeeva Vikasam Raod, New Reliance petrol bunk to Railway colony and Leelamahal road.(Balance Work)Rserved for SC,ST,Vadderas) 10/11/2015 250
89 C C Road Providing CC Road in damaged CC portion at yanadi colony in zone-IV 03/01/2016 250
90 C C Road Providing CC road at back side of Malayvaji School from to 1-4-473/1 in Kummarathopu 30/11/2015 50
91 C C Road Providing CC road Indira priyadarshini vegetable market at Thataiah Gunta(Nort to South & East to West Main Road).(2nd call) 30/11/2015 Tirupati city population
92 C C Road Laying of CC Road from D.No:16-33-S2-34 to 16-1-56/A and 113 to 16-33-S2-115 in Kasturi Bailane and Constrution of CC Drain from to 261 in Nethaji Road in Ward No:25(3rd Call)(reserved for SC,St & vaddera) 30/11/2015 500
93 C C Road Laying of CC road from D.No:12-49 to 12-56, 12-104 to 110, 11-133, 13-19 at L.B nagar 12/12/2015 Tirupati city population
94 C C Road Providing CC Ramp & CC Road at Library Sump at MR Palli 28/10/2015 450
95 C C Road Laying of CC road from Vaikuntapuram Arch to D.No:3-16 to Sai Mithila Apartments in Balaji Dairy Road in Ward No:19. 28/10/2015 450
96 C C Road Repairs to Existing C.C.Road in S.T.V.Nagar SC-Area Approach to main road 25/11/2015 200
97 C C Road Laying of C.C.Road from S.G.S. College main to D.No.19-10-99/A in New Indira Nagar. 25/12/2015 350
98 C C Road Formation of CC Road from D.No:19-3-2/G/4C to Ambedkar Law College in Kanakasiddaiah Colony. 20/11/2015 Ward 3 population
99 C C Road Providing of CC Roads in POSTAL COLONY(Main road and Internal roads) in Ward-No.3 15/01/2016 Tirupathi city Population
100 C C Road Providing C.C.Road from D.No.22-13-47 to 22-13-68 at Ambedkar Nagar Colony in T.N.Palem 25/12/2015 200